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Communications education has traditionally been limited to a focus on theory. Now with USRP transceivers, students can gain hands-on experience exploring a communications system with live signals to develop a better understanding of theory and implementation.

•    Host-based processing simplifies signal processing 
•    Immediate access to real-world signals 
•    20 MHz of real-time bandwidth makes the solution available to a wide range of applications
•    With NI USRP and LabVIEW, students gain hands-on experience exploring a working communications system with live signals.
•    Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems are flexible and reconfigurable radio systems ideal for prototyping.
•    Radio in which some or all of the physical layer functions (e.g. filters,  modulators/demodulators, channel coding, etc) are software defined
•    Reduces physical layer design time


•    Complete, ready-to-use teaching solution with lab-ready courseware for wireless communications
•    Affordable and easy-to-use platform for hands-on learning with real-world wireless signals
•    Programmable FPGA in USRP-RIO for advanced research applications