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Robotics with NI myRIO

The NI myRIO and The Pitsco TETRIX PRIME for myRIO are combinedly introduces students to hands-on engineering in controls and robotics.  Students use it to learn and apply skills in mechanical design, graphical programming, and controls theory so that they can design, prototype, and automate their own assemblies.  

The kit includes:

  • Builder's guide with step-by-step instructions for getting started and building three model assemblies
  • Over 300 mechanical components for building assemblies
  • Motor board to connect all included sensors and actuators with ease
  • 10-cell AA NiMH Battery Pack
  • Battery charger
  • Sensors and actuators: two standard servos, two DC motors, ambient light sensor, gyro sensor, IR rangefinder

Students start with step-by-step instructions for building and automating three model assemblies. They use Pitsco TETRIX parts to build the physical assembly, connect sensors and actuators to myRIO, and program in LabVIEW. After completing all the steps to implement basic functionality, students can use the skills they've learned to develop additional functionality for the existing assemblies and create designs of their own.



  • Build a teleoperated rover that can drive forwards and backwards, and turn using two geared DC motors
  • Build a control system that uses an IR range sensor and servo motor to keep a ball at a specified position
  • Build a robot that autonomously balances itself in place using DC motors and inputs from a gyroscope, accelerometer, and two encoders
  • Use the supplied LabVIEW VIs to set up myRIO to receive, interpret, and implement commands transmitted over Wi-Fi from your PC
  • Take on the advanced challenge of modifying the supplied code to extend functionality to move the robot forward or backwards


"LabVIEW is easy for the students to use and provides an intuitive programming approach for robotic systems."

- Prof. H. Harry Asada, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology