FPGA Programming 
9 hours

This course discuss about the FPGA programming for the RIO hardware. This course covers the topics about handling the I/O channels, timing on FPGA hardware and data communication between different targets.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to FPGA Programming

This chapter gives introduction to FPGA programming using NI RIO hardware.


Chapter 2 : FPGA I/O

Inputs and outputs on FPGA target allow the user to connect the FPGA target to other devices, such as sensors and actuators. FPGA I/O item connect the I/O to the FPGA logic. Each FPGA I/O resource has a specific
type, such as digital or analog. An FPGA target might have multiple resources of the same or different types.


Chapter 3 : Timing on FPGA

This chapter, we can practise the timing functions available in the FPGA VI. The timing VI will help us to control or measure the execution timing. Every VI or function available in the FPGA VI takes a certain amount of time to execute it. We can allow operations to occur at the rate determined by the dataflow without additional programming.


Chapter 4 : FPGA Foundation

In this chapter we are discussing with PWM generation using digital output module and moving the VIs between different targets.


Chapter 5 : Data Communication between FPGA & RT

In this chapter we are discussing about various data communication methods between FPGA and RT targets.


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