PE libraries for FPGA

This library contains the basic functions required for the power electronics and motor control applications. It contains VIs to generate waveforms in FPGA hardware, Timing related functions and PWM generation VI to control various motors.

The available in single user, 5 users and 10 users licensing options.


  • Generate repetitive waveforms from the FPGA environment 
  • Waveforms are generated using Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) which provides high degree of frequency and phase control
  • Better relative frequency control as well as precise phase control between multiple waveforms
  • Support for the synchronization of multiple waveforms 
  • All the waveforms are configured using Express VI and compatible with Single Cycle Timed Loop (SCTL).


  • Supports for the timing related VIs in FPGA environment. 
  • Measure the loop time in ticks
  • Introduce Boolean rising delay based on the loop iterations.  
  • Introduce Zero Crossing Delay to waveform when it rising from negative to positive. 
  • Measure the motor speed based on the proximity / hall sensor input. The digital input signal contains builtin digital debounce filter to remove the noise signal. 

  • Generate the PWM to control motors like induction motor, DC Shunt Motor, BLDC Motor, PMSM Motor and SRM Motor.   
  • Express VI based quick configuration to generate the PWM. 
  • All the VIs are compatible with Single Cycled Timed Loop (SCTL).
  • Support for the synchronization of multiple PWM VIs. 
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