Power Electronics & Drives Algorithms 6 hours

This course enable the user to generate the PWM signals for the various real-time applications. All the examples used in this course are prepared based on the NI RIO hardware.

Chapter 1 : PWM Generation for DC Shunt Motor

This course gives introduction to the basic PWM generation for controlling the DC Shunt motor.


Chapter 2 : SPWM Generation for inverters

This course covers the sine PWM ( unipolar and bipolar) techniques for single & three phase inverters.


Chapter 3 : PWM Generation for the BLDC & PMSM Motor

This chapter, we can generate the PWM signals for the BLDC and PMSM Motors.


Chapter 4 : PWM generation for the SRM Motor

In this chapter we are discussing about the PWM generation for the SRM Motor.


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